Homeless Dog Had Given Up On Humans. But The Moment She Met a Little Girl, Everything Changed


Back in 2013, the Animal Alliance of New Jersey responded to a call for help. There was a miserable dog roaming the streets. Izzy was in pretty bad shape when the rescuers found her roaming Philadelphia. She was hungry and heavily matted. She was so miserable that she couldn’t trust anyone. They took her in and nursed her back to health.

They showered her with love and the affection befitting of a nice creature. But Izzy had given up on human love. That’s before something else happened! It happened when she met this 5-year-old little princess, Chloe.

Chloe’s family had lost their dog recently and they needed a replacement, so her grandma, who worked at Animal Alliance as a volunteer, arranged for them to meet Izzy. The moment Chloe met Izzy, everything changed to the better. The dog couldn’t stop wagging her tail, and the little kid was already in love with her. They had to take this dog. Lovely!

Watch the full clip to learn of Izzy’s story. It’s inspiring.