Mom brings home a rescued pit bull. Now watch what happens when he meets their autistic son…


Pit Bulls are probably the most misunderstood of dog breeds, but then so are the autistic children. However when they meet, the only thing that can happen is magic.

Meet Jonny, a kid diagnosed with autism, now a whole new person for his entire family. Although he was happy within the family, but he had trouble being out in public and he also struggled with anxiety.

After learning news about a rescued pit bull Xena on the internet, Jonny’s mother brought her home, and that happened to be the best thing she could do for Jonny because she had no idea that it would change her son’s entire life.

Xena the Pit Pull puppy had her own reasons not to trust humans but ultimately they found each other and changed each other’s lives.

The unlikely pair from the video below bonded to such an extent that Jonny was able to do something he had never done before – show affection.

Watch their incredible story in the video below.