They moved into new home, then dog cutely freaks out when she notices what’s in the backyard


Naturally, dogs have strong instincts such as fetching, barking and being lovable to their owners which are inborn.

There is a time when I thought that all dogs are capable of swimming until I learnt a few facts about it. In the clip below, we meet one West Highland Terrier named Christy who loves swimming a lot.

According to National Geographic, swimming is not one of those inborn abilities that dogs have. Though most dogs know how to swim, there are some who will sink if placed in a pool of water. Dogs can be classified into three categories of swimmers: there are those who must avoid being near water environments, there are those who are trainable and those who are excellent at swimming.

Christy is an excellent swimmer. So, when she saw a pool at their Florida home, she was full of excitement. She made several circles and kept of barking hoping she could be let free to do her thing.

When the door was finally opened, she did not waste any second since she immediately dived into the pool and did several laps. Please watch the clip below and watch her full excitement.