Pregnant Dog Gets Herself Stuck Under A Shed – Then One Man Uses a Clever Way to Help Her Out


If there’s one person to be respected in any organization, it’s the maintenance worker. These guys can solve the worst problems with very simple ideas. Case in point? The situation in the video.

Now, this dog, named Pumpkin, was rescued and given shelter at Hawkings County Humane Society, Tennessee. One day, she decided to explore under a shed and ended up getting stuck down there. Worse still, she was pregnant, so her huge belly really became a problem when she tried to pull herself out.

Luckily, the rescuers looked for her and found her when she didn’t respond to the usual call for some treats. They tried pulling her out to avail, so they turned to the only guy with more tricks to spare. His name is Joey Arnold, a maintenance worker at the shelter.

Joey is smart. All he had to do is assess the situation and come up with an idea. Within a few minutes, Pumpkin was free and happier than ever. Joey used a car jack to solve the problem. You need to watch this video!