Mom’s Brilliant Punishment to Her Son Has Parents Cheering From All Over The World


Sometimes children don’t take seriously their parents’ rules even when they’re made for their sake. So when this mom found her kid playing on his phone after bedtime, even when he’s not supposed to, she made him earn points to end his punishment.. 500 points!

The son had many options to earn these points, his mom came up with a clever mix of household jobs for him to do it, each task has a certain amount of points

This is what she wrote:

Congratulations! – You got grounded!!!

To get rid of your penalty, you must earn _500_ points.

Offense: _ Playing on the mobile phone after bedtime _

Write a nice letter to a family member = 10 points

Prepare and cook dinner = 50 points

1 load of laundry (get started, hang up, fold) = 100 points

Clean and organize a kitchen cupboard = 50 points per shelf

Empty the dishwasher = 25 points

Load the dishwasher = 25 points

Clean and wash off counters = 25 points

Clean out microwave = 40 points

Clean and vacuum the living room = 30 points

Sweep and mop kitchen = 30 points

Wash windows = 10 points per window

Water houseplants = 10 points

Dust living room = 25 points

Clean bathroom (sink, toilet and floor) = 50 points

Take out trash (and rebag) = 10 points per garbage bag

Clean the litter box = 10 points

Magic Mum
There is one absolute certainty here, the house is going to be very, very clean, by the time he earns enough points!

What do think about this kind of punishment, I know I’ve done this before with my kids and it’s a great way to teach responsibility for actions!

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