Son goes out to shovel snow – Dad captures 9 seconds that have millions exploding with laughter


The snowy season may be one beautiful period, but it’s the “shoveling snow” part that really breaks you. It’s tedious having to deal with snow splattered all over the walkway or driveway. You’ve to step out with a shovel and work it out by yourself.

However, shoveling snow isn’t recommended for elderly people that may be prone to high blood pressure or heart attacks. In fact, over 100 deaths are associated with shoveling snow every year. That’s no longer a laughing matter!

Well, what if a young guy was to be tasked with the job? That’s exactly what’s happening in this clip. We have this dad training the camera on his son as he shovels the snow, and then we have the young son himself on the snow. He has a shovel, but it seems like things aren’t moving right in his way!

Watch as the son tries working the snow and then something weird happens. He ends up stumbling and sliding on the snow for a cool 9 seconds. The dad can’t hold himself. This is too hilarious! Watch and laugh your lungs out.
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