Little Girl’s Dog Has The Most Adorable Reaction When She Starts To Sing


If you’re in need of something adorable to brighten up your day, look no further. The following video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

One bespectacled little girl learned a neat trick about her puppy, and her dad decided to capture it on film. At first, her trick doesn’t work — but on the second try, success. When she begins to howl, her little pup chimes in and howls along with her, and the result is nothing short of adorable. For anyone who grew up with a dog in their household, this duet will sound familiar. I too remember playing this game with my puppy when I was little.

This sweet puppy duo reminded us of another pup who loves to sing. Recently we posted a video of Sebastian the Newfoundland howling along to a tune being sung by his human sister — again, managing to melt our hearts with their adorable “harmonizing.” And if you’re in need of further evidence that our dogs love singing just as much as people do, a massive English bulldog named Bossman prefers to howl along to his favorite tune, Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way,” which his owner obligingly plays for him intermittently.

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