One Cute Tap Dancer Opts To Dance To The Beat Of Her Own Drum


Children’s dance recitals are often proud moments for parents to witness their child in the spotlight. There is an undeniable cuteness to their offsprings’ off-kilter rhythms and adorable outfits. With cameras in hand, the only thing for certain is that parents will have precious (if not slightly embarrassing once the kids become young adults) footage of a performance several weeks in the making.

This tap dance recital of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Broadway Baby’ will go down as one of the more memorable renditions in recent history. From the moment the music starts, the little girl second from the right captures everyone’s attention by dancing to the beat of a different tune. Her precious moves might disrupt the other dancers, but she is certainly comfortable enough to dance like nobody’s watching, which is more than I can say for myself.

The song ‘Broadway Baby’ is from the 1971 musical ‘Follies,’ which won seven Tony Awards. I wonder whether if the producers of the musical saw this cutie’s interpretation, she would have been cast as an understudy-in-training? At the very least, her parents have an adorably hilarious memory for the rest of their lives.