It Looks Like A Regular Teddy Bear. But When You See What It Can REALLY Do, You’ll Want One


Sometimes, when we’re afraid, all we need is a good friend to comfort us.

According to Medscape, children with cancer under-report their levels of stress and anxiety.

One dad reduced his little girl’s stress by giving her a much needed pep talk while another cancer patient met with the donor who saved her life!

Nevertheless, sometimes these methods don’t work… Enter one really smart teddy bear — it’s almost like he’s really alive.

The robot, designed by MIT, is named Huggable, and it is just that: huggable. 

Aurora is 10 years old. She has leukemia and is being treated at Boston Children’s Hospital.

So how is a talking teddy bear going to help her?

When Aurora is sitting in the hospital she looks visibly distraught  (who wouldn’t be), but then Huggable the talking bear sits across from her.

“I want one of those at home,” she says.

Watch the game they play together at 3:43 to see what I mean. It will blow your mind!

Huggable is controlled through a phone app. The smartphone is placed inside the teddy bear, which allows it to operate and appear as though it is alive.

It can emote through its movements and, eventually, it will know when you’re touching it.

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