Watch a Playful Bond Between a Puppy and The Owner


In this video we see a bond between a small puppy and its owner.


The video takes place low down on the ground and it seems as though the camera has been placed that way so as to film the connection between the owner of the dog and the small shih tzu puppy.


The video begins and the small puppy is in a very playful mood. Its owner lies down on the ground and we can see his head as he plays with the little puppy.


The video continues and we see a selection of playful routines between the man and the young puppy. At one point the puppy even begins biting the owners ear.


This is a heartwarming and enjoyable video that will appeal to individuals who love small animals. The video continues for several minutes and is a joy to watch. Watch it over and over again and you will never get bored. Click the following link to view the video.