How To Make A Giant Peanut Butter Cup That’s Perfect For Sharing


Penguins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world and are also known to be one of the cutest as well. In this video, this man has a domesticated penguin in his home that he keeps as a pet. The little penguin seems to know exactly what his owner wants to do as we see it running hurriedly towards him with its little wings swinging gracefully. The guy tickles the penguin at first under its flipper-like wings (more like our armpits), before he tickles it at the back of its neck.

The braying sound that the penguin makes must be what they sound like when laughing. It seems to enjoy the tickling as it makes these happy sounds as it turns round and round hysterically as if wanting more. This video takes the cuddly and cute nature of the penguins to a whole new level.

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